Genetic testing of missed abortion material

Genetic laboratory of the Genetic centre iVF Riga carries out missed abortion material genetic testing basing on a complex analysis of all fetal chromosomes using NGS method (Next generation sequencing). With the help of this testing may identify unbalanced chromosomal changes in 1-22 pairs of autosomes and in the X, Y sex chromosomes and get a clear answer to the question, whether the cause of an interrupted pregnancy are fetal chromosomal abnormalities. The result can help the patients find the cause of miscarriage and to develop a strategy for successful conceiving and carrying of planned pregnancy.

DNA contamination test is carried out to exclude mother DNA contamination.

What to do if you are faced with a miscarriage?
  • To collect missed abortion material (chorion villi) and brought it to the clinic (the material should be placed in a sterile container with the addition of physiological saline (0,9% NaCl solution) in such amount that completely covers the sample. It can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-3 days at a temperature of 2-8o C before the delivery).
  • To register missed abortion material at the clinic, presenting an identity document and filling in the referral card.

(The price – 305 euros. The results can be obtained in 3-4 weeks).

If missed abortion material was stored in the paraffin block in the pathological department of the hospital and sent for histological examination, it is valid for fetal chromosomal profiling if there are chorion villi found in it. (The price – 340 €).

If chromosomal changes are found in the chorion villi, a consultation with a doctor-geneticist is recommended to make a further plan to achieve a successful outcome. (The price – 150 euros).