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Molecular genetic testing

  • Molecular Diagnosis of Thrombophilia
  • PAI determination
  • Testing of the AZF region of the Y chromosome
  • HLA typing
  • Testing for the Fragile X chromosome syndrome
  • Male and female fertility DNA tests
  • Determination of the most common two CFTR gene mutations
  • Testing of 50 European CFTR mutations
  • Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) carrier testing
  • Hereditary tumors panels
  • Hereditary recessive disorders panels
  • DNA Tests for lifestyle

1. Sample specification: peripheral blood collected in a vacutainer containing EDTA. Volume: 2-5 ml
2. Fill in the test requisition form
3. Identify the blood tube with the patient name and date of birth
4. After the sample collection gentle inverse the tube several times
5. Place the blood tube in the folder and seal
6. Follow the sample storage and transportation conditions:

  • 1-7 days stored at +2 - +8°C
  • Storage for an indefinite time period ≤ -15°C
  • Transportation at +4°C or at room temperature

7. Address for the sample delivery: SIA “iVF Riga”, Zaļā iela 1, Rīga, LV-1010